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TarotDroid ++

3 usd

TarotDroid allows you to count easily and practically the scores and points of your Tarot games.This is the full version of TarotDroid. It allows you : - to store an unlimited amount of games - to export each game to an Excel spreadsheet
When playing cards, we do not necessarily have a sheet, a pencil, a calculator or just enough room for these items. However, we all have our Android device with us: it's hence possible to count and keep track of our games, wherever you are: a pub, a bar... TarotDroid is your Tarot buddy :)
TarotDroid can compute the scores for 3, 4 and 5 players styles.
It also allows you to store the games you've played on your device
TarotDroid finally offers several nice and unconventionnal features: - Set points and coefficients used in the calculations - Display game set as a table, with several display options - Display statistics about the games and the players - Compute points for Belgian style games (unofficial) - Include a "dead" player (unofficial) - Transfer game sets by bluetooth
If you identify a bug, or want a new feature, please let me know by sending me an email to Also, if you wish to help me improve it, you are very welcome :)
A Facebook page is availbale, if you like TarotDroid, tell the world so :)